Star Wars: Clone Wars – Lost Missions Review


Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Lucas Film. Thanks to the kind folks at Netflix, the last season has seen the light of day. The sixth season dubbed “The Lost Missions” delivers four-story arcs over thirteen episodes that delivers a little something for every Star Wars fan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Superman Dishes Out Some Injustice


Gods Among Us Year 2 chronicles Superman’s tyrannical reign while the remaining forces of good plot from the shadows to overthrow the once christened Earth’s greatest hero. Year one highlighted the Man of Steel’s thirst for power as personal tragedy pushed him to the breaking point. Now that he’s obtained power through his own brand of law and order, we get to see how he keeps it all intact.

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The Undertaker’s Streak is No More


Last week, I was working on a column about the Undertaker’s loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. However, once news broke of the Ultimate Warrior passing, the streak didn’t seem all that important. Now that I’ve finish the piece, I’m still not sure how I feel about how it ended. It makes sense if that was Taker’s last match, but Lesnar being the guy will always cast a shadow of doubt.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Vince McMahon made the decision to end the streak and Undertaker agreed. I don’t think Vince would have argued if Taker didn’t want to put over Lesnar, which ultimately makes it his call, and why some feel it shouldn’t have been considering the result. As fans, we often forget about the performer’s feelings when debating these matters. What if Mark Calaway didn’t cherish the streak as much as we did?

A few years ago, Lance Storm wrote an article suggesting Undertaker cut a promo stating the streak would end, and he would retire when that occurred. His reasoning was the near falls would mean more as each one could mean the end of a legendary career. I really like Storm’s idea, but implementing it would’ve meant removing an essential core element. You’ve already told the world Undertaker is going to lose. The idea of whether or not the streak would ever end is what gave it such an ominous allure.

I could talk about this all day, and I do in my latest piece for the titled 21-1: Dissection of the Undertaker’s Streak

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Beautiful Scars Produces a Beautiful Story


Beautiful ScarsWritten and Illustrated by D.S. Talon & E.G. Thompson | Letters: Deron Bennett | Design: Scott Newman| Editor: Rebecca Taylor | Publisher: Archaia Entertainment | Price: $19.99| From my column at Forces of Geek

This book has garnered a good amount of hype among critics, reviewers, and pundits. I didn’t want to read it because I assumed my heightened expectations would be let down by the finished product. It turns out, I was worried over nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve Been Quoted for a Review!

I’ve been writing comic book reviews at Forces of Geek for almost three years. During that time, I’ve seen my colleagues quoted by various publishers. Well, Dynamite Entertainment quoted me for a review I wrote about the The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Knights graphic novel. Click here to check out my review.

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UFC Fight Night: Aub Dhabi – Nogueira’s Last Stand?


UFC Fight Pass is presenting another exclusive offering with UFC Fight Night: Aub Dhabi featuring a five round heavyweight main event between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Roy “Big Country” Nelson. From top to bottom, this is the most stacked offering from the digital streaming service, and it’s fitting that “Minotauro” receives top billing. Currently ranked 11th in the division, he is one of the few that remain from the pre boom period where fighters were larger than life.

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Remembering the Ultimate Warrior


Once again, the hand of death keeps chipping away at my childhood and makes me question my own mortality. Last night, the Ultimate Warrior suddenly passed away at the age of 54 years old. Three days of traveling, celebrating a legendary career and happiness with his family, and now he’s gone. The timing of this is so eerie and sad on a multitude of levels. Read the rest of this entry »

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